july 30, 2019

i'm going to start a short daily journal of the things i thought about and worked on (inspired by steve krouse), just need a quick way to edit, commit, and publish it.

the goal is not so much to keep myself accountable (i've been writing a lot over the last few months), but to allow me to keep track of all the dead ends i encounter, and have a way to quickly share links with the people i talk to and get their feedback.

maybe this could be the first use case for my editor? did i mention i'm apparently building an editor?

other things i can do: learn lisp of some form (probably best to learn scheme, although i really like the ability to build UIs in the browser)

had an idea for breadboarding based on basecamp's afforadance-topology idea: could write small bits of inline html that will actually get wrapped in links to other views. could wrap these inside modal components, for example.

maybe use a stack-based approach for now? a modal is just popping an entry onto that stack.

28 today. jesus. i'd better get started trying to change the world, or else this shit's never going to get done.