july 31, 2019

"could you build this today?" answer this question at every stage of planning/breadboarding. if the answer is no then you need to ship something smaller. maybe just start building and build until you can’t anymore?

i also kind of liked the "sparks" idea from jen horkoffs work in requirements engineering where there are a whole bunch of stakeholders pre loaded in the system you’re designing with and it will prompt you to think about how a certain person would use the system or a part of the system. can basically capture everything.

the separation between back and front ends really doesn’t work because all the design work gets front loaded into the sprint before the backend stuff. everything good that we have shipped has either been designed and developed in tandem or the backend already existed to create those things and enable them

when you are working on a project by yourself there is never really a separation of back end versus front end, you’re working on the entire vertical slice of the stack the entire time. would be interesting to analyze a developer working alone and see if there are better ways to capture the feedback loop that occurs and separate it between two or more people.

cannot wait so long to integrate a ui that clearly doesn’t work and that was really just the first thing that came to mind. we can’t be waiting for the backend to build these things out only to discover that we should have found a major flaw in an hour and redesigned or rethought our approach from the beginning

get something live and in a working state that someone other than you can look at and try is crucial. the tighter that feedback loop, the better.